Ultrasonic Precision Cleaning

Semitorr Associates is the authorized sales group for Crest Ultrasonic—the global leader in ultrasonic based cleaning innovations. From table top to fully automated in-line cleaning systems, we will help you design and implement the right system for your precision cleaning requirements.

Crest Ultrasonics offers solutions for critical cleaning requirements in modern manufacturing.  We will find the right solutions for mitigating particulates, flux, organics or any other type of contamination in your manufacturing or laboratory facility.

Semitorr is staffed by experts in precision cleaning, and can assist in engineering and refining your process flows and chemistries. We provide both custom and ready to use solutions for your facility, and have experience streamlining existing processes and integrating new standards.

Get a Process Survey

Semitorr Associates is ready to do a no cost, and no commitment survey of your cleaning process flow and equipment.We can test your samples to determine the best processes for your environment, so that you can operate smoothly and efficiently.

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Semitorr Associates is proud to represent the quality products of Crest Ultrasonics.

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