Ultra-Pure DI Water & Heating

Semitorr Associates is the authorized sales group for Heateflex Corporation, a world leader in ultra-pure DI water heating solutions. Heateflex specializes in tank immersion heaters, in-line on-demand and facility sized heaters. Systems are offered in both stainless steel and fluoropolymer materials.

If you have DI water heating applications that require ultra-pure surfaces Heateflex may offer  the solution you are looking for. Whether you are trying to heat a small tank or trying to heat enough water for an entire facility Heateflex may be the ticket.

Semitorr is fully trained to help you engineer the correct solution for your application. From a materials, size and power standpoint we can provide you with the correct system for your requirement.

Heateflex Corporation has been serving the high technology markets for several decades and specializes in safety and performance. Most of our systems meet Semi S-2, S-3 and are UL and CE listed.and even test your samples to determine the effectiveness of our cleaning solutions on your parts so there is no guessing about the outcome.

Contact us today so we can help you find the absolute correct solutions for your requirement.

Heateflex Solutions

Semitorr Associates is proud to represent the quality products of Heateflex.

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