Plasma Cleaning and Surface Preparation Systems

Semitorr Associates is the authorized sales channel for the Glow Research Plasma surface cleaning and modification systems. Plasma treatment is a process by which the surface of a material is modified in some way through the actions of the dissociated molecular components of a gas. Gas plasma treatment provides a fast, efficient method of surface modification and cleaning for: wire bonding, die attach, encapsulation, conformal coating, printing and other processes. Plasma processing increases wetability, improves lubricity, enhances bonding and adhesion strength, promotes underfill adhesion and enables deposition of bio-compatible materials.

During the etching and cleaning processes, unwanted material is removed from the surface of the substrate using a relatively high energy plasma. Glow Research plasma systems can also be used for surface activation processes, where the first several molecular layers of the material are altered by different gas groups increasing the surface energy of the material.

Semitorr Associates is proud to represent the quality products of Glow Research.

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