Infinity Thermal DI Water Heaters

Semitorr Associates is pleased to represent Infinity Thermal, a manufacturer of liquid and DI Water Heaters. Infinity pioneered the development of the next generation De-Ionized water heater. Infinity’s variety of heaters allows you to design the most cost effective and efficient equipment. Take advantage of Infinity designs allowing you create more practical and streamlined equipment. Infinity Heaters will handle all of your problematic heating applications with many different materials of construction including, Titanium, PTFE and PFA Coated.

ULTRA PURE DI/RO/FLUID HEATERS Deionized (di) water, Liquid, Solvent, Fluid, High Pressure
Explosion Proof Immersion Heaters (

  • Full sanitary construction
  • Ultra Fast response and critical temperature control
  • Ultra Pure applications in Pharmaceutical, Bio-Sciences, Semi-Conductor, Food Processing, and all critical applications.
  • Variety standard: Sanitary/Threaded/Compression/ANSI/DIN, Etc

Designs from

  • 1000 watts – 250,000 watts
  • 12 volts – 600 voltsWelded stainless steel cleaned and passivated (other treatments available)
  • Ultra Pure materials of construction
  • Incredibly low watt density to ensure stability and efficacy of any working media.
  • Fittings: Threaded, Compression, ANSI Flange, VCR, etc. (all standard fittings available).
  • All Cleaning applications
  • Explosion Proof and ATEX constructions

Semitorr Associates is proud to represent the quality products of Infinity Thermal.

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